MGC2 Elite 磁力版 Product #: cubersshophk-MGC2 Elite 磁力版 2024-09-26 Regular price: $HKD$118.0 Available from: Cubers Shop HK 香港扭計骰專門店In stock Just what I expected. Such an amazing feel out of the box without needing even a little bit of setup. This cube will be tough to beat. Easily the best 2x2 out there, along with the Valk 2. Some might even say it’s better. But the Valk has been discontinued so this is the option to go for. It’s too good. You should get it. I have heard that the RS2M Evolution is supposedly better than this and maybe you should check that out too. 5 1 5 2 2 5 1 5.0